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Leading Asphalt Paving Company In North and South Carolina

Pave your driveway or parking lot with asphalt services from Bryer & Son Asphalt Paving Co.! For over 38 years, Bryer & Son Asphalt Paving Co. has been providing residential and commercial asphalt installation, repair, and sealcoating services to the Carolinas. Long-lasting asphalt installations require careful attention to detail and quality workmanship to produce results that last. From initial installation to repairs and maintenance, we will help you take care of your parking lot to make sure you get the most out of your pavement. 

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Our Services

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parking lots & Driveways

Install a new parking lot or driveway to increase the value of your property and ensure guests have a smooth, clean area to park and walk. Our team is experienced paving all types of parking lots, as well as entrances, roads, and driveways. 

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Asphalt Repairs

Keep your paved areas free of cracks and potholes with regular repairs from Bryer & Son Asphalt Paving Co. Your customers and employees will be grateful for a smooth, safe area to drive and walk. Whether it’s a driveway or parking lot, our team will repair and refill any cracks and damaged areas on your property.

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Extend the life of your asphalt with a professional sealcoating service. A new sealcoating layer will protect your parking lot or driveway from stains and water damage and improve the appearance of the property. 

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Experienced Paving Services

Bryer & Son Asphalt Paving Co. has spent nearly 40 years installing asphalt pavement in Harrisburg, NC, and the surrounding communities, and our customers have come to expect only the best from our company. As a third-generation asphalt paver, owner John Bryer has perfected his craft of laying commercial and residential asphalt, and our team is hand-picked to ensure you have a positive experience and get an installation that lasts. We specialize in commercial work and are dedicated to delivering the high-quality work you deserve at a price you can afford.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and with each job, we work to provide excellent service and products at a reasonable price. No matter your project, our team is ready to tackle any repair or installation. 

Quickly Repair Damages

Even a small crack in your parking lot or driveway can grow into a larger issue if not addressed quickly, but with efficient repair services from our team, you can repair damaged areas in no time. We fill cracks and patch potholes to restore your pavement to its original, smooth condition and make your parking lot a safe, hazard-free space for your customers.

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